How I Can Help You

I work with values-driven technology, consumer goods and professional services businesses. I work with you to determine what current and potential customers are easiest to serve, have the most value delivered to them and generate the greatest margin.

Using Lean Startup principals I help solve the following problems -

  • Give structured process to find traction with actual customers that can be served sustainably
  • Take existing products into a new market
  • For venture capital companies: vet if a potential investment has traction with its intended customers

Engagements are designed to fit a client’s needs. However, typically done in three stages –

1. Vision



Creating an Elevator Pitch explaining who you are, the problem you solve and why you do what you do.

Producing a business model establishing your customer segments and cost structure.

- A focused Elevator Pitch to test what problem you solve and how you will grow.

- A dynamic Business Model allowing you to see the cost to serve each of your customer segments.

Week 1 – 3

2. Proof



Systematically interviewing current and potential customers and asking them if they will buy. This helps us determine what it is about your offering that provides value to a potential customer.

- 6-10 Interviews with actual customers

- 2-3 Customer Profiles with proven demographic and buying decision information. You know what problem you solve, what value you provide and why your customers buy.

- If applicable, A/B Testing of features and benefits to test what combination produces the best response.

- Week 3 – 6

3. Plan



To ensure you will get from where you are now to your ideal customer
- One Page Strategic Plan with next actions and metrics
Week 6 – 8


I provide a route to generating greater profit within a shorter time. You come out knowing what problem you solve, why your customers buy from you and who you serve most cost-effectively.

My fees are a blend of monthly retainer and deliverable. Feel free to call me at 1.778.288.0488 today and we can discuss your business, vision and how we can best work together.