Thinking Through a New B2B Product or Service

I’m working with a client right now re-shaping their B2B products and services.  I thought I’d share the questions we’re using to help us think through how the new offering will be priced, marketed and sold. The is helping us identify the assumptions we’re making so we can test those with potential customers.

Follow the questions below to think through your new product or service that you’re selling to another business. Let me know your results!

Step 1: Answer the following being as specific as possible. Cite research and hard evidence. Describe the look, smell and feel of the product and/or service you want to build.* Use mind maps, write a story. Whatever helps you think through:

Market Opportunity

  • How do you define your market?
  • How big is that market? What research can you point to?

What is it?

  • What is the product or service?
  • You can do anything, why build this?
  • Is the person using the product also the one paying for it?
  • If not, who is your ‘user’ and who is your ‘customer?’ What makes each one different?
  • What problem(s) do you solve for each?
  • What value do they gain from using your service?
  • Do they save time or money? If so, how much?
  • What really makes you different from 4 competitors?
  • Why would a customer switch from what they are currently doing to use your product?

How Will You Get it Out?

  • How will you generate immediate revenue?
  • How will you price it? Why that way?
  • How does a company you really admire attract and obtain customers? What can you rip-off?
  • How will a customer find out about you? What conferences, professional groups and trade publications can you connect with?

Step 2: Look at all your notes and on one page, answer:

  • What are my top three assumptions in everything I’ve written?
  • What is the absolute next step I need to test each of these assumptions?

Do those 3 things.

Also available as a .pdf here.


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